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Gabriele Weber

Gabriele is here to help you on your life’s journey.  She channels information from her higher self and spirit guides to give you the highest guidance for your soul. Gabriele works with the heart energy of your soul to help you on your path. She connects to your Soul Star and helps you find what is best for you in this life. Her healing sessions also help you in opening up your higher consciousness, your 12 strand DNA codes, balancing your axiational lines, chakras, meridians, past traumas, and realigning you to the Universal Template and grid lines.


Gabriele’s professional career began as a Counselor.  She always used her natural intuitive abilities to help her in her former conventional counseling work, but then after a major car accident that left her with the memories of being “with the angels,” her intuitive and healing abilities increased. She then devoted her life path to intuitive counseling, healing work and teaching. She can combine her intuitive gifts with her healing abilities and varied techniques to help individuals on their journey.

Gabriele's intuitive readings are similar to street lights lighting your path so you can see your way more clearly. Gabriele sees auras, channels and provides a psycho-spiritual analysis of your aura and energy field. Any probable future paths or guidance that she gives is predicated on your own positive thoughts and attitudes. We are the Masters of our Destiny. Our attitudes and actions will determine our future patterns. Old karma can be brought up and cleared. Her healing work helps those individuals travel more clearly and lightly on their path.

Her workshops on soul development through the aligning of the Master grid lines of spirit to your Personal grid lines are enlightening for all individuals who are drawn to this area of consciousness raising.

 In combination with readings and spiritual, emotional and mental clearing and healing Gabriele also likes to help individuals with the healing of the body through good food choices, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and accupresure. She coaches individuals to move forward into a better life path with a greater mind body spirit connection.

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Joel Straup

How do we move past our personal dramas and fears that live on the surface of ourselves and into the deep waters of our greater being? My intention for those who come to me is to help them find that deep personal harbor within themselves and within all of us that helps us find the peace that goes beyond understanding and connects us to source. The more this connection is used, the clearer our choices become.

“Our lives are but a drop in the ocean of eternal timelessness”

Please make sure to visit my band's web site at www.dreamtravelersband.com

Group, Corporate, and Individual Consultations available.
Call: 610-631-1174